Tryouts in August !!!



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pitching/ hitting lessons


The UTP will feature the latest techniques in throwing. Each session will build the strength in the individual muscles, tendons and ligaments required in throwing a baseball or softball. The UTP also strengthens your core and legs to build a more solid balanced foundation. Records of each session are used to monitor progress in each individual area for each player. Come and learn the proper mechanics and drills necessary to go to the next level.  The UTP runs 10 weeks, 4 times a week, it is recommended that you do this program a minimum of twice a week. This is a winter session. YOU WILL INCREASE YOUR VELOCITY 3-10 MPH !!

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Leagues, Teams, Travel Teams

Proway is opening up its facility to organizations for their winter workouts. Very inexpensive. Why pay for 1 cage when you can get 2/3 for the same price. Pitching area also available at the same time. Don't delay, time is getting booked. Baseball or softball.  Call Jim for details or questions  201-220-4424.

PROWAY Baseball is Southern New England's premiere baseball and softball individual training facility, so it shouldn't come as any surprise that players want to train those skills necessary to outplay their teammates and opponents. By using those skills learned, they will increase their ability to play baseball or softball to achieve their dreams of playing at a higher level. Be it high school, college or even professionally, Coach Pereira will give you a realistic, honest evaluation on how to attain those dreams. More importantly , Coach Pereira, will help you attain those realistic dreams. Coach Pereira's vast baseball knowledge and extensive collegiate and professional connections will help you get to the next level. Learn the  Proway!!

Want to play sports in College?  Well, Proway's annual College Recruiting workshop will take place this fall. This FREE event will start at 6:30pm and is open to ANY student/ Athlete who wishes to play a sport in high school. There is NO age limit to this free event. Parents / players this workshop will show you and help you navigate the ins and outs of playing a college sport. Parents this workshop will save you money when it comes to getting your athlete into a college. Don't miss out on this free opportunity!

Coach Jim Pereira, has been involved in College athletics for years. Jim has helped dozens of athlete attain their dream of playing a sport in college, including his own daughter!

Any questions, Please feel to contact Jim @ 201-220-4424

Proway Pirates

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Fall River Area Baseball Lessons

"If You Do What Everyone Else Does, You'll Get What Everyone Else Gets!"

High School players who have participated in the Ultimate Throwing programs have gone on to the following National baseball softball programs, Stanford, Tulane, UCONN, Temple, Fordham, Sacred Heart, Holy Cross, Northwestern, Charleston Southern, Brandeis, Curry, Stonehill, Plymouth Sate, Wentworth and Harvard and Team USA.  Six (6) Proway  Baseball alums that have participated in this program were drafted or signed with a MLB team.


G. Lopes Complex


Proway's pitching or hitting lessons take you past the mound or batting cages. Proway uses computer calculations to add science to your pitching motion or swing. Drills are designed to reinforce the lessons and enhance what is being taught and learned. Drills, more importantly, are designed to individualize each and every athlete. These individualized drills will increase the skills the athlete will need to move on to the next level of play.



PROWAY is a non-biased training facility. I have chosen to operate and focus on a single mission to better serve my clients. I am neutral, without bias and with complete interest in each athlete as an individual. PROWAY strives to make every client and team who patronizes my business feel welcomed and know I am here as a trusted resource to help them reach their goals. 

ultimate throwing program

Proway Summer Baseball / Softball Clinic

Dighton, MA

July 10-13 Rain Date July 14

G. Lopes Complex

Dighton, MA

Ages 7-15 yrs 

​Cost $150

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